LinkedIn Video Ad increases web visits 159%

Opening image of video ad
Second image of video ad
Third and last image of the video ad

FG’s FundCapture services aren’t widely known among its small and specific target audience. To build brand awareness and increase interest in FundCapture, a LinkedIn video ad started a one-month run on June 18, 2022 with a narrow target audience of
34,000 CFOs and Finance Directors of hospitals and healthcare organizations.

During the first 17 days of the ad’s run, web visitors to the company’s entire website increased by 159%, page views jumped 196% and the bounce rate was reduced 72%. The company’s FundCapture services web page became the #2 visited web page (up from 4th most visited page), behind the Home page. During the ad’s first 17 days the daily click-through was between .01 to 0.16%. These three images are part of the
video ad.

Services Provided: Social media strategy. Audience identification.
Copywriting. Graphic design. Posting ad, measure results.