Judy becomes an extension of your team

Strategies and programs are practical, actionable and developed to meet your goals and budget.

Judy can execute the strategies and programs or projects turnkey or turn it over to your team to execute.

Where you’ve been. You share your history

Judy learns about the history of your brand and your previous and current marketing programs. She studies your online and offline marketing data and your customer experience to fully understand where you’ve been.

Where you want to go. The future starts here.

You and Judy will discuss the vision you have for your organization’s future and what you would like to accomplish.

A plan for success. Judy creates recommendations

After analyzing all the information gathered, Judy creates a proposal that recommends actionable strategies, marketing plans, campaigns and tactics that are practical, actionable, designed to meet your goals, timeline, and budget.

Ready. Set. Go.

Judy's ready to start when you are ready. Judy will get started after you review, approve, and sign off on the proposal, timeline and budget.

Communication is key. You are always in the loop.

The success of your program or project depends upon frequent, timely and mutual communication. Judy keeps you up to speed. This keeps the project or marketing program on track and on time.

Judy works virtually

Judy has a full-time job as a director of a large company's marketing technology department. Therefore, Judy works virtually with her marketing consulting clients via email. Located in the Central Time zone, conference calls with her clients take place after 5:30 Central Time Monday through Friday or during the weekends.

Let's get started. Contact Judy now.